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Chapter 15: 1968-1980 Inquiry Organizer

Compelling Question: How did a fracturing of the liberal consensus shape politics and culture between 1968 and 1980?

Chapter Objectives:

  • Students will explain the triumph and decline of the liberal consensus over the welfare state and the rise of the conservative movement.
  • Students will analyze how different groups in American society fought for equality and rights.
Supporting Question 1:How did Nixon’s presidency and Watergate affect U.S. politics and society? Resources:

Supporting Question 2:How did foreign and domestic crises affect U.S. society from 1968 to 1980? Resources:

Supporting Question 3:How did different groups in society fight for equality and rights? Resources:

Additional Resources:

Unit 7 Essay Activity

How did a fracturing of the liberal consensus shape politics and culture between 1968 and 1980?

Option C: Explain the causes and effects of continuing policy debates about the role of the federal government during the period 1968-1980.

Through this inquiry, students will evaluate primary and secondary sources to explain the factors that contributed to political and cultural change from 1968-1980. Ultimately, students will use the primary and secondary sources in this chapter to practice constructing an essay, in AP Long Essay Question format, demonstrating their skills in explaining historical causation. Students should be evaluated using theAP Rubric. Assess students’ progress in understanding the compelling question for this chapter by assigning theUnit 7 Essay Activity.

Some components of this resource may contain terminology that is no longer used because the terms are recognized to be offensive or derogatory, and some components may contain images that would be considered offensive or derogatory today. These terms and images have been retained in their original usage in order to present them accurately in their historical context for student learning, including understanding why these are not acceptable today.

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