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Share the story of the United States from its earliest days to the present. Each resource contains full lesson plans, essays, activities, teacher support materials and student comprehension questions.


Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

93 Lessons

Has the American nation lived up to ideals of it's experiment in liberty? Invite your students to explore the rich tapestry of American history and actively participate in the ongoing experiment that defines our nation's identity. Through narratives, primary sources, and point-counter-point debates, students will gain insights into the nature of the American experiment — the ongoing quest for a more perfect union. This 16-unit U.S. History and AP U.S. History yearlong curriculum resource can be used in place of a textbook or as a textbook supplement.


The Plainest Demands of Justice: Documents for Dialogue on the African American Experience

7 Lessons

What progress has been made across time in the fight for realizing Founding principles of liberty, equality, and justice for African Americans? Through primary source analysis, this new resource from the Bill of Rights Institute explores the efforts to realize the Founding principles of liberty, equality, and justice by exploring key periods in African American history. Students of history know that there is no substitute for being there - but primary sources come close!

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Each lesson and activity developed by the Bill of Rights Institute explores how the Founding principles built into the Constitution allowed the American people to protect and advance freedom and opportunity for all.

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