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Resource Overview:

BRI Jr. resources are primary source-based, inquiry-driven lessons that focus on content-area literacy instruction and performance-based assessments. Using a modular design, including Lexiled readings and video components, they ensure flexibility and accessibility. Authored by experienced educators and supported by an Advisory Council, a special emphasis is placed on character development, critical thinking, and comprehensive teacher support.

Special Features:

  • Primary source based
  • Inquiry-based
  • Content-area literacy instruction
  • Performance-based assessments
  • Modular and time-friendly
  • Lexiled readings
  • Video

Teachers Say:

“My students loved {this lesson}! They were able to make real world connections, but also learn and understand what came after the Revolution, which we had already begun to learn about prior to {this}.” – 4th grade pilot teacher, Florida


“I like how modular it is, explicit but yet open to interpretation allowing the teacher to modify as needed for their population.” –5th grade pilot teacher, Tennessee

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