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Statement of Academic Integrity

The Bill of Rights Institute is committed to providing the highest quality resources and programs for students, teachers, and parents. Our materials are produced and reviewed by teachers and scholars who are experts in their fields. The Institute’s resources invite young people to a thoughtful inquiry of primary source documents related to American ideas and institutions. All Institute resources are animated by the ideas of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution—not aligned to the dictates of any external entity.

Resource Review Process

The Institute’s publications are held to a strict standard of substantial peer review. All of our publications are reviewed in-depth by scholars and teachers. The scholars ensure we are keeping to the highest levels of academic rigor, and teachers ensure our material is meeting the needs of the dedicated professionals for whom we are writing. We provide our teacher partners with early access to our materials to solicit feedback, both formally, through our pilot testing process, and informally, by inviting them to be co-creators on Institute materials and ensuring our materials are built for the modern classroom. We work hard to provide resources that are high-quality, engaging, trustworthy, and useful. This requirement is upheld without influence or input by financial supporters. Offers of financial support based on non-educational purposes, or directed to specific findings, are not accepted.

Resource Feedback

We welcome constructive suggestions and feedback from members of our community. If you would like to provide such feedback, please complete this feedback form. Rest assured that even though we might not individually be able to respond to all feedback, each submission will be given due consideration. Thank you for your interest in our resources and materials.