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Frequently Asked Questions

The Bill of Rights Institute teaches civics. We equip students and teachers to live the ideals of a free and just society.

The Bill of Rights Institute seeks an America where we more perfectly realize the promise of liberty and equality expressed in the Declaration of Independence.  This calls for civic education that helps students examine the story of our country and exercise the skills of citizenship. 

The Bill of Rights Institute teaches civics. We equip students and teachers to live the ideals of a free and just society. 

No. The Bill of Rights Institute does not take partisan positions and neither opposes nor endorses any candidate for public office or any political platform. All Bill of Rights Institute resources are animated by the ideas of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and are not aligned to the dictates of any external entity. All of our materials are prepared in keeping with the strict standards in our Statement of Academic Integrity.

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No. Our materials and programs encompass American history, government, and civics. All of our resources and programs are rooted in the principles of the Founding documents, including the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

Yes. We offer a variety of programs, resources, and scholarship opportunities for middle and high school students.

Yes. We offer professional development for middle and high school teachers as well as online courses and student contests to support educators.

The Bill of Rights Institute is prepared to bring our resources and knowledge to your school to ensure your social studies educators are better equipped for educating young minds about the Founding and the Constitution. Fill out a professional development request and one our staff members will be in touch with you soon!

Because of generous contributions from our supporters, all Bill of Rights Institute resources are provided free to teachers, students, and the general public.

Since its founding in 1999, the Bill of Rights Institute has received funding from over 13,000 individuals, corporations, and foundations including more than 3,500 in 2018. Among the foundations who currently support our curricular resources and programs are the following:

  • Daniels Fund
  • Allegheny Foundation
  • Lincoln and Therese Filene Foundation
  • Albert and Ethel Herzstein Foundation
  • Armstrong Foundation
  • The Achelis and Bodman Foundation
  • F.M. Kirby Foundation
  • Charles Koch Foundation
  • Abell-Hanger Foundation
  • Helen Greathouse Charitable Trust
  • Triad Foundation
  • Anschutz Foundation
  • Gordon Cain Foundation

The Bill of Rights Institute’s impact on our nation’s civic knowledge and engagement is made possible by the generosity of donors like you.  There are several ways to support the Institute. You can support us by giving online or making an in-kind donationplanned gift, or gift of appreciated stock. Grant making foundations and corporate sponsors also play an important role in the Bill of Rights Institute’s work and we welcome their support.

The Institute is categorized under the IRS tax code section 501(c)(3) as a public charity. As such, your support is deductible in accordance with current IRS guidelines.

Your investment helps students across the country develop an appreciation for our Founding principles. We achieve this through direct student programs, investing in teacher development, and producing historically accurate resources that are rooted in primary source documents.

We are always excited to meet the supporters who make our work possible! If you would like to visit our offices or attend a program, please contact Chris Janson, Manager of Marketing and Communications.