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Vision and Mission


The Bill of Rights Institute seeks an America where we more perfectly realize the promise of liberty and equality expressed in the Declaration of Independence. This calls for civic education that helps students examine the story of our country and exercise the skills of citizenship.


The Bill of Rights Institute teaches civics. We equip students and teachers to live the ideals of a free and just society.

BRI Promise 

The Bill of Rights Institute promises to:  

  1. uphold strict standards of academic integrity  
  2. teach America’s Founding principles 
  3. tell our whole history—including when we lived up to our ideals and when we fall short  
  4. foster understanding of government that is constitutionally-limited and just  
  5. cultivate moral and civic virtues that make strong individual character  
  6. foster civility and mutual respect  
  7. promote curiosity, inquiry, and an openness to diverse viewpoints  
  8. build independent thinking and reasoning skills  
  9. create vibrant learning communities between teachers and parents 
  10. prepare students to contribute to society as lifelong learners and engaged citizens 
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Civic Virtues and Vices Graphic