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About BRI

The Bill of Rights Institute is a civic education organization with a network of over 70,000 history and civics educators, thousands of classroom-ready history and civics resources and annual student and teacher programming.

The Bill of Rights Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in September 1999 that teaches civics and equips students and teachers to live the ideals of a free and just society.

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The Institute develops educational resources on American history and government, provides professional development opportunities to teachers, and runs student programs and scholarship contests. The Institute's depth of knowledge is drawn from a full-time staff with more than 100 years of combined classroom experience, as well as from partners who are experts in their fields.

Since its founding, the Institute has published over 4000 resources, including hundreds of YouTube videos and current events lessons for middle and high school classrooms. All of its resources are designed to drive students to the United States Constitution and Founding documents as the foundation of their analysis of American history and current events.

From its founding to today, the Institute has remained steadfast in its mission of educating young people about the Constitutional principles which support civic life in America. With the generous support of individual, corporate, and foundation donors, the Institute has made significant progress in strengthening civic knowledge and values for the next generation of citizens. Through its programs and curricula, the Institute has provided a better understanding of the Constitution and Bill of Rights to more than 5 million students and over 68,000 teachers. Additionally, the Institute has directly trained over 25,000 teachers through its constitutional seminars.

About BRI

Student Spotlight

Daniel Paviglianiti

Daniel is currently a senior at Fox Chapel Area High School in Pittsburgh. In addition to his academic pursuits, he is an active member of his school’s FBLA team, crew team, forensics club, chess club, and orchestra...

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