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Chapter 3: 1763-1789 Inquiry Organizer

Compelling Question: What is the “American Experiment”?

Chapter Objectives:

  • Students will be able to identify and evaluate the causes of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Students will be able to evaluate the causes and effects of key events in the Revolutionary War.
  • Students will be able to compare various perspectives on constitutional principles and assess arguments surrounding the structure of the new Union under the Constitution.
Supporting Question 1: How did the British infringe upon colonists’ natural rights after the Seven Years War, and how did colonists resist these actions? Resources:

Supporting Question 2: Why did the colonists declare independence from the British? Resources:

Supporting Question 3: What was the American experience in the Revolutionary War? Resources:

Supporting Question 4: How did the principles of the Revolution help structure the new U.S. government? Resources:

Additional Resources:

Unit 2 Essay Activity: What is the “American Experiment”?

Option A: Analyze the causes of the American Revolution. To what extent did the legacies of the Revolution affect the creation of a new government for the new nation?

Through this inquiry, students will evaluate primary and secondary sources to explore how and why colonists decided to fight for independence from Great Britain and create a new government, an “American Experiment” that limited tyranny and protected natural rights. Assess students’ progress in understanding the compelling question for this chapter by assigning the Unit 2 Essay Activity.

Some components of this resource may contain terminology that is no longer used because the terms are recognized to be offensive or derogatory, and some components may contain images that would be considered offensive or derogatory today. These terms and images have been retained in their original usage in order to present them accurately in their historical context for student learning, including understanding why these are not acceptable today.

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