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Unit 7: Liberty and Equality

Realizing the promise of liberty and equality at the center of the American experiment in self-government requires work. This unit explores the individuals and organizations who have, since the founding, striven for a fuller realization of the principles of the Declaration of Independence.

Social Change through Constitutional Means

How does the Constitution facilitate social change? These lessons explores the mechanisms and principles in the Constitution that have helped bring about social change.

Abolition and Slavery

The struggle for abolition was long. These lessons explore some of the individuals who pursued an end to the injustice of enslavement in the United States.

Native Americans

The clash of cultures between indigenous peoples and white settlers has resulted in injustice and conflict for over 400 years. These lesson explore the coming together of these worlds and the consequences that resulted.

Women's Suffrage

The long struggle for women's right to vote lasted over 100 years. These lessons explore the history of this movement.

Civil Rights

The long struggle to realize the American promise of liberty and equality during the twentieth-century is known as the Civil Rights movement. These lessons explore the history of the individuals, moments, and Supreme Court cases that together advanced the cause of equality of African Americans.