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16 Lessons



  • Clement Laird Vallandigham: Resounding Silence
  • Pat Tillman and Self-Sacrifice: A Different Direction
  • Remember the Alamo! Davy Crockett and Self-Sacrifice
  • Nothing Complicated About Ordinary Equality: Alice Paul and Self-Sacrifice
  • Self-Sacrifice in a Firehouse on 9/11
  • An Act of Supreme Valor: Michael Murphy and Self-Sacrifice
  • John Basilone’s Sacrifice
  • Flying High: Amelia Earhart and Self-Sacrifice
  • You May Depend Upon My Exertions: Robert Morris, the Revolutionary War, and Self-Sacrifice
  • They Were Superb: The 442nd Japanese‐American Unit in World War II and Self-­Sacrifice
  • The Selfless Defenders of Wake Island
  • Fox Company at the Chosin Reservoir and Self-Sacrifice
  • Loyal American: Fred Korematsu, Japanese Internment, and Self-Sacrifice
  • Courage Under Fire: The Selfless Decision of John Robert Fox
  • The Selfless Courage of the Doolittle Raiders
  • Bringing an End to War: Paul Tibbets and the Decision to Drop the Atom Bomb