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16 Lessons



  • Henry David Thoreau: What I Have to Do
  • George C. Marshall: In Peace and In War
  • My Allegiance is to this Union: Henry Clay, Political Compromise, and Integrity
  • Owen Lattimore and Integrity: A Very Interesting and Satisfying Life
  • The Unshakeable Witness: Whittaker Chambers and Integrity
  • Jeannette Rankin: Nothing Left but My Integrity
  • Robert Carter III and Integrity
  • Breaking the Heart of the World: Henry Cabot Lodge, the Treaty of Versailles, and Integrity
  • No! No! Not a Sixpence! The XYZ Affair and Integrity
  • Calvin Coolidge, Reducing the Debt, and Integrity
  • The Sage of Concord: Ralph Waldo Emerson and Integrity
  • The Case of Max Morris and Urban Renewal: Integrity in Washington D.C.
  • David Lucas’ Beachfront Property and Integrity
  • Harry Truman, the Firing of Douglas MacArthur, and Integrity
  • North or South: Robert E. Lee’s Fateful Decision
  • Under My Vine and Fig Tree: George Washington’s Resignation and Integrity