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13 Lessons



  • With Charity for All: Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address and Respect
  • Prevent Further Effusion of Blood: The Surrender at Appomattox and Respect
  • The True Meaning of Democracy: Eleanor Roosevelt, Marian Anderson, and Respect
  • William Penn: Faith Not Force
  • We Can Start to Work Together: Robert F. Kennedy, the 1968 Campaign, and Respect
  • Dolley Madison’s Respect for Washington
  • Treat All Men Alike: Chief Joseph and Respect
  • In Her Weakness Made Strong: Esther Ross and Respect
  • The Tuskegee Airmen: Defending and Improving the United States
  • Bacon’s Rebellion and Respect
  • Remember the Ladies: Abigail Adams and Respect
  • John J. Pershing: Honoring the Fallen
  • Respecting the Fallen at Andersonville Prison