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16 Lessons



  • Robert Gould Shaw’s Courageous Decision
  • The Courage of General Anthony McAuliffe at Bagstogne
  • Washington’s Choice: The Crossing of the Delaware
  • Fix Bayonets! Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain’s Courage at Gettysburg
  • The Pilgrims’ Courageous Journey
  • The Spirit of St. Louis: Charles Lindbergh and Courage
  • One Giant Leap for Mankind: Neil Armstrong and Courage
  • Number 42: Jackie Robinson and Courage
  • Anne Hutchinson and Courage: In the Face of Adversity
  • John Minor Wisdom: Dauntless Decision Maker
  • The Dawn’s Early Light: The Defense of Fort McHenry and Courage
  • Andrew Jackson’s Courageous Decision at New Orleans
  • The Great Day in My Life: Theodore Roosevelt, the Charge at San Juan Hill, and Courage
  • The Most Decorated American Soldier of World War II: Audie Murphy, World War II, and Courage
  • We are Not Afraid and We Shall Overcome: The Freedom Rides and Courage
  • The Courage of General Matthew Ridgway