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Faces of Freedom in American History

Developed in collaboration with the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum, Faces of Freedom in American History will help students understand their freedoms and the people who have struggled to defend, preserve and expand them. Experiences beyond the classroom help enhance student learning, and that’s why Faces of Freedom in American History can serve as either a stand-alone teaching tool or as a supplement to the exhibits in the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum in Chicago. By putting faces with names, these important lessons will have a memorable impact on students, and they will come to see their own face among the faces of freedom in American history. This curriculum will illuminate reasons for appreciating freedom and ways students can help ensure its future.


The Bill of Rights for Real Life

The Bill of Rights for Real Life is designed to lead less academically-inclined students toward a stronger and more explicit engagement in civil society. This curriculum uses techniques and strategies outlined in The Civic Mission of Schools—a report published by the University of Maryland’s Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) and the Carnegie Corporation that are most appropriate for teaching these students. Through the ten-unit curriculum, they will grow into informed and engaged citizens learning the ways our Constitution affects their daily lives and empowers them with methods for civic engagement. Each unit contains two lessons designed by master teachers. Additional resources include accompanying YouTube videos, handouts, optional reading quizzes, a glossary of key terms from background essays, and a listing of landmark Supreme Court cases.