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14 Lessons



  • George Washington’s Finest Hour: The Newburgh Conspiracy and Identity
  • Edward R. Murrow: In His Own Words
  • I WILL BE HEARD: William Lloyd Garrison, Abolitionism, Colonization, and Identity
  • The Gospel of Wealth: Andrew Carnegie, Philanthropy, and Identity
  • Frederick Douglass and Identity: Resurrection to the Heaven of Freedom
  • Four Score and Seven Years Ago: The Gettysburg Address and American Identity
  • I Have a Dream: Martin Luther King Jr. and Identity
  • We Hold These Truths: Thomas Jefferson, the Declaration of Independence, and Identity
  • A Self-Made Man: The Story of Thurgood Marshall
  • Roger Williams: Man of the Word
  • That Golden Moment: Jesse Owens and Identity
  • On My Own Ground: Madam C.J. Walker and Identity
  • The Diarist’s Identity: Mary Chesnut and her Civil War Diary
  • You Felt He was Talking to You: FDR’s Fireside Chats and Identity