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16 Lessons



  • To Accomplish the Most Good: Booker T. Washington’s Education
  • The American Success Story of Alexander Hamilton and Diligence
  • Champion of Liberty: James Madison and Diligence
  • Selma to Montgomery Marchers: Crossing the Bridge
  • The Diligence of Henry Ford
  • Steve Jobs’ Diligence
  • Great Falls, Great Beauty, Great Difficulty: The Lewis and Clark Expedition and Diligence
  • Bird Woman’s River: Sacagawea’s Diligence in a Historic Journey
  • The Regulars are Coming Out: Paul Revere and Diligence
  • Henry Knox, the Guns of Ticonderoga, and Diligence
  • It is a Fact Man Can’t Fly: The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk and Diligence
  • Admiral of the Ocean Sea: Christopher Columbus and Diligence
  • John Smith and Diligence
  • Eli Whitney: Diligent Pioneer of Modern Industry
  • Lighting the Way: Thomas Alva Edison and Diligence
  • A Peaceful World: Eleanor Roosevelt, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and Diligence