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Fourth Amendment Viewing Guide Answer Key

  1. What are the origins of the Fourth Amendment? The Fourth Amendment can be traced back to English law.
  2. Why did British officials use writs of assistance during the leadup to the American Revolution? Colonists smuggled many untaxed goods into the colonies, and the British government wanted to stop this practice through searches of private property.
  3. John Adams stated that James Otis’s arguments in court over the legality of writs of assistance planted the seeds of the movement for American independence because it asserted an individual’s ___________ over their __________ and the importance of ____________. Natural rights; Property; Government
  4. What is the exclusionary rule? What were the circumstances of the case that the Supreme Court first applied the exclusionary rule? The exclusionary rule prohibits the use of illegally obtained evidence in a criminal trial. The Supreme Court first applied this rule in Weeks v. United States after law enforcement broke into Freemont Weeks’s home without a warrant and seized papers that it then used in court against him.
  5. The Supreme Court has ruled that the Fourth Amendment does protect students against __________ searches by school officials, but do not need a __________ to go through a student’s belongings. Unreasonable; warrant

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