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Fifth Amendment Viewing Guide Answer Key

  1. What is a grand jury? A grand jury determines if there is enough evidence to indict an individual and proceed to a trial. 
  2. What does protection against “double jeopardy” mean? Why was it included in the Fifth Amendment? It means that an individual can’t be tried in a court of law more than once for the same crime. The Founders included it in the Fifth Amendment to prevent the government from re-trying someone in court repeatedly until a guilty verdict is reached. 
  3. The Fifth Amendment protects property rights by preventing the government from __________ an individual’s property without __________ __________. Seizing; just; compensation 
  4. In the case of Kelo v. New London, the Supreme Court ruled that eminent domain allowed the government to take land as part of a private development if there are __________ __________. Public; benefits 

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