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Equality Viewing Guide Answer Key

  1. In your own words, define equality. Student answers should note that all humans have the same natural rights and are therefore all deserve equal treatment in the eyes of the law.
  2. How did past societies tend to view the concept of equality? They were built on principles of inequality under which elites possessed rights that others did not.
  3. What did the Declaration of Independence say regarding human equality? It stated that all men are created equal and that all have equal, inalienable rights.
  4. How does the United States Constitution protect the principle of equality through the rule of law? The Fifth Amendment prevents the government from taking a person’s rights away without due process of law. A different section banned titles of nobility in the country to prevent an oligarchy.
  5. List two examples of times where the United States did not adhere to the principle of equality. African Americans were enslaved and later suffered segregation under Jim Crow laws. Women needed to fight in order to win equal rights and the right to vote.