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MyImpact Challenge Nashville Encore

Join us February 23 at 4 PM ET / 3 PM CT for an encore webinar featuring both speakers from the recent launch of MyImpact Challenge in Nashville. The lessons of the Nashville Student Movement aren’t just for Nashville, and we think that all of America should hear them. Also, learn how students can win up to $10,000 for their service projects in MyImpact Challenge!

Featured Speakers

Dr. Jon Schaff

Jon is a Professor of Government at Northern State University. He specializes in the study of American political thought and institutions and has published on the presidency and political thought of Abraham Lincoln, politics and literature, and politics and popular culture.

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Elliot Robinson

Elliott serves on the Programming Team in the Special Collections Center of the Nashville Public Library. He considers himself a “steward of the stories” of Nashville’s significant impact on the modern Civil Rights Movement, focusing on the desegregation of our public schools, and the Student Nonviolent Movement, or sit-ins.

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The event will explore:

Want to learn more about MyImpact Challenge?

Our community engagement contest is currently open! Submit your project to win cash. $40,000 in total student and teacher prizes including a $10,000 student Grand Prize will be awarded. Applications due May 16.

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