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The Declaration of Independence, Natural Rights, and Slavery Glossary

Glossary terms are listed in the order in which they appear.

Preamble introduction
Natural rights theory Belief that certain rights such as life, liberty, and property belong to humans by nature and can only be justly abridged through due process
dissolve Get rid of
Laws of Nature Natural law or the natural order
impel urge
self-evident obvious
endowed given
unalienable Impossible to take away; another term for natural rights
instituted established
deriving receiving
abolish Get rid of
institute Set up or establish
King George III The King of Great Britain during and in the years preceding the American Revolution
incur suffer
thither To a place
almanac An annual publication that lists important dates and information such as tide tables, astronomical data, and items of general interest
abhorrence Feeling of hatred or disgust
invaluable Extremely important
valuation Value or worth
conferred given
brethren friends

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