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“Stranded!”: A Short Story

“Stranded!”: A Short Story

Guiding Questions: What were the major ideas of the Enlightenment? How did the Enlightenment influence the United States’ Founding?

You and the members of your class have been stranded on a deserted island. Your teacher went missing, and you have been left all alone. You do not have any technology (electronic devices mysteriously do not work on this island). There is no hope of anyone rescuing you. There are plenty of natural resources on the island for you to build shelter and survive.

You have to create a new society. You have to decide everything about how this society will be set up and how it will function. Answer each question based on your opinion. Be sure you can explain and justify your responses.

  1. What will you call your new society?
  2. Do you need a leader, or will you all be equal? If you need a leader, how will you decide who will be in charge?
  3. Do you need laws? Who will make them? How will they be agreed to?
  4. How will you ensure that people follow your laws? How will you enforce them?
  5. Will some people in your new society be favored or have more power? If so, how will you decide who gets favored status/more power?

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