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Handout T: Override Procedure

  1. The Speaker reads the veto aloud.
  2. The Speaker recognizes each party for one minute of discussion.
  3. The Speaker directs a roll-call vote and explains the procedure:
    • An “aye” is a vote to override the veto on the Bill.
    • A “no” is a vote not to override the veto.
    • A two-thirds vote of those present is required to override the veto.
  4. The House Clerk conducts the roll-call vote and announces the result.
  5. The House Clerk writes the result (overridden or sustained) at the top of the Bill with the date.
  6. The President gives the Speaker the next vetoed Bill.
  7. After all vetoes are addressed, the Speaker asks for a motion to adjourn.
    • A motion is made.
    • The Speaker asks for a second.
    • A second is made.
    • The Speaker announces, “Adjourned” and hits the gavel.