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Handout P: Caucus Procedures

  1. Review surviving Bills one at a time to determine the party position on each bill.
  2. The Party Leader will manage the discussion.
  3. If a Bill sponsor is in your party, they should quickly summarize and support the Bill.
  4. If not, have a member of the committee that reported the Bill and summarize the Bill and the reasons it was reported.
  5. Discuss the Bill amongst the party.
  6. The Party Leader will close the discussion and ask the Party Clerk to take a straw poll (a nonbinding vote by show of hands). This will indicate the party position on the Bill.
    • The Party Clerk will record the results and will mark in pencil R (for Republicans) or D (for Democrats) to denote that your party has reviewed the Bill.
  7. The Bill should then be delivered to the opposing Party Clerk for their review
  8. Continue this procedure until all bill have been reviewed.
  9. Place Bills back in the House Folder once they have been reviewed by both parties.