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Handout F: House Folder

House Folder

Folder Contents

  • Bill Roster
  • House Calendar
  • House Clerk Job Description
  • Speaker of the House Job Description

Bill Roster

(Chart in PDF)

House Calendar

(Chart in PDF)

House Clerk Job Description


  1. Complete Bill Roster
  2. Receive and record committee vote results on Bill Roster (Reported or Killed) and date. Deliver KILLED bills to the president.
  3. Record bills REPORTED by the committee on the House Calendar (bill no. and short title only), and place the REPORTED bills in the House folder.
  4. Call voice, roll-call, or standing votes in House Session (as directed by the Speaker of the House), record the vote on a tally sheet and post it to the House Calendar. Mark or stamp bills as PASSED (in black ink) or KILLED (in red ink), staple the tally sheet below the bill, and deliver all bills to the president.
  5. Other duties as directed by the Speaker of the House.

Speaker of the House Job Description


  1. Assign members to committees in cooperation with the majority and minority leaders.
  2. Manage floor discussion and voting.
  3. Determine the order of bill discussion.
  4. Allot the amount of discussion time for each bill to the floor leaders.
  5. Conduct a formal meeting.
  6. Open committee hearings.
  7. Announce official vote outcome, official end of debate, recess, and end of session.


It is the majority party that controls the position of Speaker of the House. The Speaker is elected by the entire legislative body, must command the respect of all participants, and is the highest elected position. The Speaker must be a leader and possess excellent communication skills. It is the Speaker’s job to conduct the minute-to-minute formal business of the legislative assembly as well as play a major role in terms of his or her political party’s decisions.