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Handout A: Immigration Experiment Discussion

Immigration Experiment Discussion

Directions: Fill in the graphic organizer in your assigned groups with the answers to your questions into the two categories of economic and social.

(Graphic Organizer in PDF)


  1. Why did you choose to move or to stay put?
  2. Were your motivations to sit closer to your friends?
  3. Were you worried about your performance in class?
  4. Was it frustrating to be separated from your friends without a good reason?
  5. What happened when I took a few seats away?
  6. Why did some of you want to move upfront when I offered an incentive?
  7. How did you feel having students from another class come into our classroom? If you found it awkward or strange, why was this?
  8. How you think the choices you made compare to the decisions made by immigrants around the world? How are these decisions similar and/or different?
  9. How is it that we adapt to change within a community?