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George Washington’s Finest Hour – Handout B: Journal Prompts

Answer the following questions in your journal, as you prepare to voluntarily share some of your responses in a class discussion.

  1. To what extent did Washington’s performance align with his identity and purpose? How did Washington’s understanding of his identity make it possible for him to contribute to freedom?
  2. To what extent and in what ways do your unique characteristics enable your pursuit of a life that is on track to achieve your purpose?
  3. To what extent and in what ways does your performance align with your identity and purpose? What are you doing this very day to cultivate skills and interests that will connect today’s purposes with your long-term opportunity to enhance and protect the life and liberty of others?
  4. How significant to the establishment of the early republic was Washington’s understanding of his identity? What might have resulted if Washington had understood differently his role in contributing to the advancement of liberty?
  5. In your own experience or the experience of someone about whom you have learned, think of an example of flawed or misdirected sense of identity. What were some results of the person’s flawed approach and what advice would you give him? For instance, if your friend were a gifted leader but did not use those skills in ways that bring about good for himself and others, how would you advise him?
  6. If presented with a similar opportunity to establish a military dictatorship, what would you have done?