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Dinner Party Seating Chart

Dinner Party Seating Chart

Guiding Question: How have Americans shown civic virtues throughout history?

  • I can identify ways Americans have practiced civic virtues throughout history.
  • I can analyze how individuals’ virtues, attitudes, and actions contribute to their identification as American heroes.

Directions: Complete the seating chart below to show which American heroes attended your “dinner party.” List yourself as the host. After introducing yourselves and speaking about your lives and heroic actions, discuss the questions below.

A chart that shows a dinner table, the host in one chair, and then 5 chairs around the table

Discussion Questions (answer from the point of view of your historic figure):

  1. Are there any historical connections among the guests seated at your table?
  2. Would you most likely get along with or disagree with those who are seated at your table? Explain your answer.
  3. What values do you share with these people? What differences do you observe in your values?
  4. What actions have you taken in your life to earn you a spot at this table of “heroes”?

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