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Assess and Reflect: Paths to Freedom: African Americans and the Revolutionary War

  • I can connect actions taken by African Americans during the Revolutionary War to an understanding of and a desire to act to ensure natural rights of equality and justice.
  • I can create an argument supported by evidence from primary sources.
  • I can succinctly summarize the main ideas of historic texts.

Choose one of the following tasks to show your analysis of the guiding questions:

  • How did enslaved and free African Americans participate in the Revolutionary War?
  • How do their actions reflect a desire to enjoy their natural rights?

Option 1: Based on your review of the documents, write a thesis statement that answers the guiding questions above.

Option 2: Write an essay with support from the documents and your knowledge of the time period to support your thesis.

Option 3: Create your own depiction of African Americans during the Revolutionary War. Consider a perspective not seen in the documents in this lesson. Include annotations in your image that explain how the image connects to the guiding questions.

Option 4: Create a podcast or photo story about the role of African Americans in the Revolutionary War. Share it with someone outside of the classroom. What were they surprised to learn? What questions did this recording raise for the audience?

Final Reflection (required): How did the documents in this lesson either confirm or challenge your previous understanding of African Americans during the Revolutionary War? Explain your reasoning.

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