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Unit 6: Citizens in Communities

What does it mean to live in a community? What responsibilities do we owe to each other? This unit examines the opportunities, challenges, and responsibilities of living in communities and the informal constitutional mechanics that help us live prosperously together.


We can give back to our communities in numerous ways by giving of our time or our resources. These lessons explore charity and philanthropy and how these actions help shape our communities.


We can also give back to our communities by providing goods and services to our fellow citizens. These lessons explore the role of entrepreneurship and business within our communities.

Civil Discourse

Being able to discuss matters of shared importance is critically important for the health of our communities. These lessons explore the significance of civil discourse and how we can practice it.

Citizens and our Government

Holding our government accountable to our interests and those of our community is vital to the maintenance of our liberty. These lessons explore the role we play as citizens of our government.