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Overcoming Division: Can Civics Help Unite America? (Grand Rapids, Michigan, 11/8/2022)

On Election Day 2022, the Bill of Rights Institute hosted an engaging civics forum in Grand Rapids, Mich. The forum, “Overcoming Division: Can Civics Help Unite America?” brought together educators, students, parents, and business and community leaders for a discussion on the important role civics education can play in advancing civil discourse. The forum was moderated by Bill of Rights Institute President David Bobb and featured speakers included Doug Devos, Co-Chair of the Amway Board of Directors and co-founder of the Doug and Maria DeVos Foundation; Greg Lukianoff, President, Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE); Nichelle Pinkney, veteran educator and co-author of “Civil Discourse: Classroom Conversations for Stronger Communities”; and Jeffrey Rosen, President, National Constitution Center.

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