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AP Government Prep Webinars


2020 AP Government Prep Episode #7 | Civil Liberties

60 Min

Session 7: Civil Liberties This session investigates the history of civil liberties in the United States. Special attention is on the important Supreme Court cases that outlined modern civil liberties and the process of selective incorporation that applied the Bill of Rights to state governments. The process was utilized significantly in working to obtain civil liberties specifically through the Due Process Clause and Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.


2021 AP Government Prep with Paul Sargent #1 | Reviewing the Constitution and Federalism

61 Min

Session 1: The Constitution and Federalism This session reviews the foundations of American democracy, including the events that led to the Declaration of Independence. The controversies and compromises surrounding the writing and ratification of the Constitution will also be covered. The session finishes with the concept of federalism, the division of power between the federal and state governments, and its application to modern policy concerns.