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Bill of Rights Institute Teacher Fellowship

Applications for the Inaugural Class of the BRI Teacher Fellowship are due June 1, 2024. The Fellowship is a 9-month initiative aimed at empowering educators to deepen their understanding of civics and civic education through philosophical inquiry and innovative teaching methods.

Through this Fellowship, teachers will:

- Deepen their understanding of civics through philosophical inquiry.
- Gain a community of like-minded educators dedicated to promoting civic education and self-governance. 
- Develop and implement effective civic education strategies in classrooms. 
- Cultivate leadership skills among educators to support an education for self-governance. 
- Represent the Bill of Rights Institute in local, regional, and national contexts. 

Bill of Rights Institute Teacher Fellow Responsibilities Include:

Attendance: Participants will need to commit to attend the monthly online meeting, which will be the first Tuesday of every month at 8:30 ET.

Engagement: Fellows are expected to actively engage in all program activities, including workshops, philosophical discussions, curriculum development sessions, and community events. 

Professional Development: Fellows are expected to seek external opportunities to enhance their understanding of civics education and philosophical inquiry they will share with their cohort. BRI will offer and surface additional opportunities for learning.  

Curriculum Development: Fellows are expected to dedicate time to developing innovative lesson plans that integrate philosophical inquiry into civics education, aligning with program objectives and sharing progress with mentors. 

Implementation: Fellows must implement the developed curriculum in their classrooms, facilitating philosophical discussions and promoting critical thinking among students. 

Reflection: Fellows are required to reflect on their teaching practices, student responses, and overall experiences with philosophical inquiry, sharing insights and challenges during program reflection sessions.