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Victor Harris


Teacher, Sycamore Junior High School, Cincinnati, Ohio

“I think we have lost the art of civil political discourse in our society,” says Victor Harris who is starting his 30th year of teaching. “Part of our job (as teachers) is to show students who sometimes only want to see things one way that there are many different perspectives and gray areas on a variety of issues.”

Victor teaches Social Studies, U.S. History, and World History at Sycamore Junior High School in Cincinnati, Ohio where he is also the Social Studies Supervisor/Department Chair.

He attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and received both his undergrad and master’s degrees from Miami. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he coaches baseball, basketball, and football at the junior high and high school. Victor lives in Symmes Township, a suburb of Cincinnati, with his wife Meghan and their two children.

Victor uses many Bill of Rights Institute resources in his classroom and has also attended several of BRI’s seminars.

“I think that by educating teachers and students about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, we continue the process of developing the educated citizenry that the founding fathers envisioned. All citizens need to be aware of their rights in order to make sure they are practiced and protected by the government.”