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Tonya Howard


Southeast High School • Wichita, Kansas

Being an avid soccer player for 17 years means Tonya Howard knows the value of teamwork. That also extends to her favorite historical figure – former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. 

“Although loved for many reasons, the book Team of Rivals truly demonstrated how brilliant he was politically as well,” Tonya said of Lincoln. “Not to mention the openness he had to listen to strong debate and critique.” 

Tonya promotes that exchange of ideas by teaching Government and AP Government for the last 27 years, and she currently teaches at Southeast High School in Wichita, Kan. She began her career with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications “but subbed one day and knew by the end of the day that I was going back to school for a new career,” she said. 

Tonya also has a Master’s degree in History and National Board Certification in Early Adolescence Social Studies. She attended two summer academies held by the Bill of Rights Institute and described the experience as “phenomenal.” 

“The rich details I gained from the training impact my teaching and planning on a daily basis,” she said.