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Thomas Wu


Topeka, Kansas • Class of 2018

Honors: Outdoor Wildlife Learning Site Grant Recipient, Elna Friedstrom Scholarship Recipient, AP Scholar with Distinction, Youth Court Awardee, Koch Foundation Scholarship Awardee, Washburn Rural Green Project participant, Mayor’s Youth Council member, and Topeka Teen Advisory Board member.

Thomas Wu is often found in the great outdoors, one of his many hobbies and past times. As a participant in the 2017 Constitutional Academy, Thomas is one of the best students the Bill of Rights Institute has to offer. In addition to joining the Institute in D.C. for a week, he spends his time volunteering in Youth Court as a defense attorney and participating in the Topeka Teen Advisory Board. He understands the power that a community can have on the people living there.

A winner of various awards, including the Youth Court Award and designation as an AP Scholar with Distinction, Thomas is an active member in his school and in his community. When asked about his biggest achievement, Thomas said he was most proud of, “learning how to be proactive and engaged in many subjects, clubs, and organizations that I believe in.” His work as an environmental and community activist lead him to an Outdoor Wildlife Learning Site Grant that has resulted in the creation of a butterfly habitat, two bird feeders, and a hummingbird garden.

Thomas hopes to major in Political and Environmental Science, and eventually run for Congress. He is passionate about renewable energy, and aspires to help that sector of our economy through his studies and career in politics. Through public policy and environmental regulations, while raising awareness about climate change, the bee crisis, and ecology, Thomas believes he can become a “mover and shaker” of his generation.