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Nicole Moretti



“I just completed my Master’s degree in History in one year while still teaching. I am hoping my sanity will return soon,” jokes Nicole Moretti. She is currently in her 29th year of teaching at Lyman High School in her hometown of Lyman, Wyoming where she teaches World History, World Geography, and A.P. U.S. History.

Nicole has always found proud and satisfying moments throughout her entire career. “I was privileged to teach my own children, and it was rewarding when they would text me from college saying, ‘Mom, I nailed that test because you already taught me that.’” Recently, she helped one of her former students get an internship in Russia. “My proudest moments are when my students find joy in learning and go out into the world and become upstanding citizens that make the world a better place,” Nicole states.

Her biggest challenge as a teacher is getting her students to think “outside of the box.”

“They are so electronically connected that they are having trouble with their critical thinking skills and they want to rely on technology for everything,” Nicole laments. She is, however, working hard to change that. Nicole especially enjoys teaching about the ancient Greeks, the Renaissance, and the Enlightenment. She loves tying these topics into U.S. History to give her students a broad view of history and promote critical thinking.