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Miller Manguno


Eads, Tennessee - Class of 2022

Miller Manguno, third prize winner in our 2022 My Impact Challenge, is a graduating senior at Briarcrest Christian High School in Eads, Tennessee. In high school he was the captain of the football and lacrosse teams, a class officer, member of the National Honor Society, and president of the Wilson Society. His love of sports is something he gets from his dad, who Miller also lists as his greatest influence because “he leads by example, is wise, and has a genuine concern for others.”

This concern for others is something that is also apparent in Miller as he was compelled to act after being exposed to the blighted areas of the inner city that were lacking basic needs. His desire to help can also be seen through his career choice; Miller plans to major in Psychology and Neuroscience at Baylor University this Fall so as to be able to “help students with anxiety and ADHD be their best selves.”