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Matt Logan



Many teachers can probably relate to what Matt Logan shares as his biggest challenge, and that is “staying on top of trends so that my classroom stays ‘current,’ without losing sight of my core academic/content goals.” It seems to be a challenge Matt has successfully met, as he was named teacher of the year at his previous high school, LaFayette High in LaFayette, Georgia.

Matt has been teaching for seven years, and currently teaches World Geography, AP Human Geography, and World History at Harrison High School in Kennesaw, Georgia. One of the historical figures he admires most is Thomas Paine. “He lived his ideals unlike any other, even among the monumental people of the Founding generation.”

His admiration for Paine helps explain why he enjoys teaching the Enlightenment, especially Locke vs. Hobbes. Matt believes the debates they had 250+ years ago are still relevant today, and he enjoys helping students see that relevance.

Currently serving on BRI’s Teacher Council, Matt also attended our Liberty Fund weekend this past spring on Abraham Lincoln here in Arlington, Virginia. He appreciates BRI seminars because they “focus on the content first, something many teacher-centric professional developments don’t do. Pedagogy only gets you so far without deep content knowledge and BRI helps me with both.”