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Matilda Moore


Happy Valley, Oregon • Class of 2024

Recent Think the Vote debate winner Matilda Moore kept it simple when asked what she is most proud of about herself. 

“I am proud of myself for working hard during school and maintaining a strong GPA throughout my school life,” said Matilda, a junior at Adrienne C. Nelson High School in Happy Valley, Ore. “I’m also proud of my ability to try new things and make friends. I’m usually introverted, so being able to open up is a big step for me. I’m [also] proud of my sense of leadership and my ability to take charge when it comes to volleyball or school projects.” 

In addition to her studies, Matilda plays on a club volleyball team and is a member of her school’s Green Team, which focuses on environmental sustainability and ties into her interest in climate change. She also feels strongly about women’s reproductive health and LGBTQ rights. 

Matilda participated in the Bill of Rights Institute’s “Think The Vote” campaign and said “it gives me a chance to express my ideas and opinions.” 

“I get to see other points of view and ways others think,” she added. “It makes me more open-minded and considerate of people’s opinions.” 

In her spare time, Matilda enjoys spending time with family and friends, walking her dog, and playing volleyball and board games. She plans to study business and management or accounting in college, and she also kept it simple when asked to name her hero. 

“My mom is my hero,” she said. “She is always there for me and supports the choices I make. She is kind, considerate, and [she] makes my life 10 times happier. I hope to be able to share and express my gratitude as much as her and make other people’s lives more enjoyable.”