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Mark Leschinsky


Mahwah, New Jersey - Class of 2025

A special award winner in our 2022 My Impact Challenge, Mark Leschinsky, is a sophomore at Bergen County Academies, Mahwah, New Jersey. Mark is deeply passionate about film studies and video production which served as the motivation behind his service project which aimed “to help aspiring student filmmakers be creative and have their voice heard through the art of cinematography.”

Mark’s desire to help people with expression aligns with in the fact that a historical figure Mark would follow if he were still living today is Louis Braille “because he did incredible work for his community.” To that point, Mark advises next year’s My Impact Challenge entrants to “dream big and put your mind to it – anything is possible with perseverance!”

Mark’s plans for the future are two-fold; short-term he is looking forward to hosting the Student World Impact Film Festival which is set to occur this summer, and long-term he hopes to study film in college.