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Marcee Hinds


Barton Academy for Advanced World Studies • Mobile, Alabama

It might have been being constantly surrounded by history and education that made Marcee Hinds decide at an early age she wanted to be a teacher.

From family visits to historic Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia to “religiously” watching the game show Jeopardy growing up, “I loved history so much that I wanted to be able to share that love with others,” Marcee said. “By the age of 12, I established I wanted to be a history educator.”

Marcee received a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Social Studies Education degree and a Master of Education in Secondary Social Studies, and she is currently pursuing her Master of Liberal Arts in History. She teaches civics, world geography, global studies, and entrepreneurship at the Barton Academy for Advanced World Studies in Mobile, Ala.

Marcee described the Bill of Rights Institute’s collection of videos as “a vital resource for providing essential background information to help students better understand the lesson being covered,” which helped her become a James Madison Fellow in Alabama in 2019, the Alabama History Teacher of the Year in 2020 and a finalist for the National History Teacher of the Year award from the Gilder Lehman Institute of American History.

“It has been an honor representing my state and history education,” Marcee said. “These achievements have opened other doors that have allowed me to pursue my education further and advance my students’ education.”