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Malaysia Spellman


Greenville, North Carolina • Class of 2024

Malaysia Spellman prides herself on staying calm even under stressful circumstances. She might attribute that characteristic to her grandmother. 

“My grandmother is my hero due to her ability to always put on a smile, regardless of circumstances,” said Malaysia, a student at Junius H. Rose High School in Greenville, NC. “She has lost a lot of those close to her heart and had to grow up during a time when racial discrimination was at its peak, but still, she remains bright and positive.” 

Malaysia added that her ability to remain calm helps her with her studies. She plans to study psychology after graduating in 2024 and hopes to become a forensic psychologist. Malaysia is involved with the Pride Alliance, Health Sciences Academy, and Drama Club at her school, and in her spare time, she enjoys sketching, painting, writing, and playing instruments like the ukulele and guitar. 

Malaysia’s musical tastes also run the gamut from heavy metal bands like Deftones and Leviathan to more contemporary artists like Lana Del Ray and Frank Ocean. 

“I also hope to make some contribution to the arts, whether it be with physical art such as paintings or literature or with music,” Malaysia said.