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Lucy Chaplin


Erlanger, Kentucky • Class of 2023

One of recent Think the Vote debate winner Lucy Chaplin’s biggest passions is combating mental illness. As a soon-to-be black belt in Shaolin-Do kung fu and a 6-year practitioner in martial arts, Lucy boasts the physical and mental skills to pursue her goal. 

“Once I graduate high school, I plan on going to Eastern Kentucky University and major in psychology while in the ROTC program,” said Lucy, who will graduate from Saint Henry District High School in Erlanger, Ky., next year. 

“Once I complete my major, I would like to go into the Army to be a psychologist,” she added. “After my eight years are up, I plan on opening up my own practice or working for a private practice that specializes in helping veterans with PTSD or other mental illnesses from being in the military.” 

Lucy is currently a member of the “Sources of Strength” club at her school, which also raises awareness of mental illness. She counts AP Government and AP Psychology as her favorite classes, so it makes sense that she considers the issues of gun rights and immigration as fundamental to her. 

Lucy credits her martial arts instructor with teaching her discipline, self-respect, communication, and teamwork skills as she pursues her goals. 

“These core values that Master Nick has drilled into me shaped me into the person I am today and instilled in me the vision of whom I want to become,” Lucy said. “He is very educated in almost every subject across the board and knows how to work with people. He is my hero and my role model, and I hope for him to be around to mentor me for many years to come.”