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Lori Rech

BRI Staff Team

Regional Manager, Programs

Lori spent 33 years as a classroom teacher in Nebraska and Missouri. While she spent the first 12 years of her teaching career working with both middle and high school students. Lori spent much of her career teaching U.S. History and duel credit U.S. History for college and high school credit. She also taught World Civilizations, Civics, Geography, Psychology, and Sociology. Lori earned her B.A. in Education with endorsements in History, Political Science, and Social Science from Kearney State College in 1985 and her M.A. in Education with an Academic Specialization in History from the University of Nebraska in 1991. In addition to leading teaching seminars for the Bill of Rights Institute Lori has also served as a chaperone and teacher for student programs including Constitutional Academy. After many years of attending Bill of Rights Institute programs Lori retired from the classroom and began working as a teacher and student seminar instructor with BRI. Lori was hired as BRI’s Regional Manager, Programs in May 2022.