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Lona Tracy


Moorcroft High School • Moorcroft, Wyoming

Lona Tracy loves working with children, whether while owning a dance studio and teaching children there during her previous career or through her desire to volunteer with Children’s National Medical Center. 

Lona also hopes she instills a love and appreciation for the United States in her students as she marks 30 years as a history and government teacher at Moorcroft High School in Moorcroft, Wyo. She said she “also hope(s) that students appreciate how much sacrifice was given by past generations to preserve their freedom.” 

Lona received a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Master’s Degrees in Business, Human Relations, and Political Science. She also received her Ph.D. in Education and frequently uses resources from the Bill of Rights Institute, including the Current Events news articles and resources related to the U.S. Constitution and former Presidents. Lona also attended a weeklong BRI seminar and appreciated the speakers on hand and the open dialogue that followed. 

Speaking of former Presidents, Lona finds it difficult to pick her favorite historical figure. 

“It is impossible to choose just one person,” she said. “However, some of my favorite historical figures are people like [George] Washington, [Abraham] Lincoln, [General John Joseph] Pershing, and [Dwight D.] Eisenhower who faced enormous challenges and made very difficult leadership decisions for the United States.”