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Lindsey Steel


Sunnyvale, California - Class of 2024

2022 We the Students Honorable Mention winner Lindsey Steel made a point of pursuing her array of passions, ranging from journalism to classical piano while attending Homestead High School in California. As a rising junior, she has the opportunity to get involved in numerous activities throughout her two years including her school’s cheerleading, mock trial, and debate teams — the latter of which she hopes will help in her goal to become an attorney.

Lindsey’s interests are further reflected in her favorite classes; journalism, Mandarin, and history. Part of the reason these were her favorite classes are because of who taught them, most notably her tenth-grade history teacher, Kelly DiNucci, “whose optimism and passion for the subject never fail to inspire [Lindsey].” Additionally, Lindsey’s favorite historical figure, Eleanor Roosevelt, emerged from Ms. DiNucci’s class. Lindsey’s high regard for Eleanor Roosevelt stems from her belief that Roosevelt “was a champion of civil rights and a powerful figure in a time when women could not afford to be controversial or opinionated.”

There are many issues that are important to Lindsey as a young voter, but one that is particularly pressing to her is climate change and the protection of the environment. This is followed by abortion rights and gun control.

Read her essay here!