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Kymberli Wregglesworth


Onaway Secondary School • Onaway, Michigan

During her undergraduate studies, Kymberli Wregglesworth was chosen for a Global Service Fellowship and taught English in southern India for a year. It was there that she found her calling. 

“The students were so grateful to learn, and I realized what a difference I could make in the lives of others by teaching,” Kymberli said. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and a Master of Arts in American History and Government. She teaches world history, civics, current events, women’s studies, genocide studies, and U.S. History at Onaway Secondary School in Onaway, Mich. 

In addition to her fellowship, Kymberli was a finalist for a Michigan Teacher of the Year award. She draws inspiration from her Constitutional Law professor at Alma College, Dr. M.J.J. Smith. 

I worked for him my freshman year during my undergrad while also taking his course,” Kymberli said. “I learned so much from him that impacts my teaching today, both about the Constitution and also about how to teach it in a way students will understand.” 

Kymberli frequently uses the Bill of Rights Institute’s materials related to the U.S. Supreme Court in her teaching and describes those as “a great resource that can be used as is or customized to my students and the amount of time I have in the classroom.” 

“I love that [BRI] include[s] many primary documents to help my students understand the thinking at the time of the event,” she said.