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Kyle Wilson


Covenant Christian High School • Indianapolis, Indiana

Kyle Wilson might have said it best when he described history as “learning about all sorts of interesting people.” 

Wilson also believes that applies to former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, and Kyle mentioned his “personality, upbringing, views on life and government, and his boundless energy tend to make him an entertaining read.” 

Kyle has Masters degrees in American History and Government, and he currently teaches U.S. History and Government at Covenant Christian High School in Indianapolis, Ind. He was influenced by his father and high school teachers, and he received the James Madison Foundation Fellowship for Indiana in 2014. 

Kyle attended a Bill of Rights Institute seminar about the U.S. Congress, and he frequently uses the materials and knowledge gained from that seminar in the classroom. 

“I enjoyed learning from Dr. Joe Postell, and I enjoy learning from experts and interacting with colleagues who teach similar courses,” Kyle said.