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Kwame Oteng-Mangka


Houston, Texas - Class of 2022

Another member of the P150 Youth Ministry team, Kwame Oteng-Mangka is a senior at Cypress Falls High School in Houston, Texas. Kwame has a wide range of interests with one of his favorite classes and extracurricular activities being band, and another being art history. In addition to these areas of interest, Kwame plans to pursue a career in cyber security.

The person from history Kwame would most want to follow if he was alive today would be minister and civil rights activist, Malcolm X. Despite his admiration of Malcolm X, Kwame notes that his greatest influence is his father.

Similar to his teammates, Kwame was motivated by the desire to “make a positive impact in others’ lives, and to increase the socio-economic status of those in need.” This motivation being reflective of his advice to those who will enter the My Impact Challenge next year: “to put your heart into the project.”